Green Glue Facts – Part 1

Green Glue has earned its reputation as one of the most commonly used and well loved soundproofing materials on the market today. Both amateur and professionals use it, ranging from soundproofing experts to general contractors to individuals working on their own homes. Green Glue damping compound is affordable, is designed to be easy to use, and is very effective.

We receive a number of questions about Green Glue and how it works on a regular basis. We’ve compiled some of the most common in the hopes that they’ll help to answer your questions before you start your own sound proofing project.

Can I use Green Glue with Soundboard?

No. Because Green Glue is a damping compound it is best used with a heavy, rigid materials like drywall. Soundboard itself is very light and isn’t a very effective construction material to start with. The stronger the material you use with Green Glue the better your sound proofing results will be.

Is Green Glue Safe to Use?

Green Glue is very safe to use. The Green Glue company spends a lot of time and money researching every single one of their products to ensure that they’re making the safest, most eco-friendly, and non-toxic materials possible. Green Glue is non-carcinogenic as well. The only downside is a slight odor but even that dissipates rather quickly and is not considered harmful.

Is Green Glue Fire Resistant?

Green Glue is currently rated as non-flammable and is approved for use in projects that require fire-ratings and fire-walls as well. It has been extensively tested and it was determined that Green Glue is in no way, shape, or form a fire hazard.

Is Green Glue Expensive?

Th price of Green Glue is inexpensive, especially when compared to most other soundproofing products on the market today. The average cost for a case of 12 tubes is around $14 per tube, or $165 for the entire case. When you break things down even further you’ll find that you’re using about $.75 worth of product for every square foot you treat. Green Glue is one of the best and most affordable products available for creating an effective sound barrier.

Will I Need a lot of Green Glue?

Nope. All you have to do is measure the surface you are going to treat and figure out how many 4′ x 8′ shets of drywall you’ll need to cover that space. You’ll need two tubes of Green Glue for every sheet of drywall you use. Some people use three tubes but doing so isn’t necessary and anything more than that will not be effective.

Stay tuned for more information about Green Glue and its use as a soundproofing material. We’ll be back with even more facts for you to consider soon!

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