New Green Glue Packages Released

Green Glue is by far one of the most versatile soundproofing materials available for use by both amateurs and professionals. Fortunately, the makers of Green Glue recognize the significant impact their products have on the industry and have decided to release a new, enhanced package of soundproofing products – perfect for contractors who want to use the same type of soundproofing materials throughout the entire job or for individuals looking for handy all-in-one package.

Before now, Green Glue damping compound was sold individually, with no other soundproofing materials as part of the package. Soundproofing experts would need to purchase additional products, like gasket tape or acoustical sealant, in order to get their jobs done. Now, you can purchase everything you need to complete a great soundproofing project in one comprehensive package – all made by the makers of Green Glue.

If you’re completing a new construction project you’ll definitely need the latest Green Glue package. It includes:

  • Green Glue Damping Compound, the greatest noise reduction material available. You simply apply it between two layers of drywall in order to create the ultimate sound barrier;
  • Whisper Clips, which can be used to help create a sound proof pocket of air between two walls or drywall layers;
  • Acoustical Sealant, perfect for filling in the seams between the layers of drywall or to fill in any crevice or crack that might allow sound to seep through; and
  • Gasket Tape, also known as joist tape, which is used to keep joists and drywall from rubbing together and causing noise.

Prior to the release of this new construction package from Green Glue, sound proofing experts would have had to purchase all four of those sound proofing materials separately – more often than not from different manufacturers. Now you can be assured, by using the same brand of product for every aspect of your project, that you are going to get the absolute best results possible.

All of the products created by the Green Glue company are notable for being eco-friendly and non-toxic. They’re made with the safest chemicals possible to ensure you are not exposed to anything hazardous as you work on your soundproofing tasks.

Every product included in the new construction package by Green Glue is essential to ensuring you get the best results from your project. Forget traveling back and forth to your local supply and hardware store. One trip – one package – one easy project!

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