solid brass hinges and other door hardware

A hinge is a bearing which works by connecting two solid objects and usually allows only a limited angle of rotation or movement between them. There are many types of door hinges available which include the barrel hinges, butt hinges, pivot hinges, concealed hinges, continuous hinges, H hinges, butterfly hinges, HL hinges, strap hinges and the counter flap hinges. Solid brass is mainly used for making the hinges not for finishing them. There are many hinges which are found in the market which are made of solid brass.

Types of hinges which can be made from solid brass

Continuous hinges

These hinges fit along the whole length of the door. They are also referred to as the Piano hinges as they were commonly used for piano lids.  They come in various lengths but the common one is 1 metre. It is possible to cut them to the required length. These hinges are often used on doors that were subjected to abuse. They are used to rehang them. Since continuous hinges are secured down the length of the frame, they can be used on doors and frames that were drilled repeatedly. Because they are strong, they are used for hanging overweight and oversized doors so as to make its performance better.  The hinges are used where an extra length support is needed.  They are very easy to install and other materials which can be used for making them include aluminium and cast iron.

Ball bearing hinges

Solid brass ball bearing hinges are used on doors of high frequency. They permit the door to function using less force throughout the ranges of motion of the door. These are stated to be used on doors which are fire rated and have closing devices. They are also recommended for heavy doors with low to heavy use. The ball bearing hinges are to be used on exterior doors which are heavy as it is a permanently lubricated hinge. It can however be used on doors that can possibly get heavy use which is unusual. Other materials besides solid brass which can be used to make them are aluminium, steel and cast iron just to mention a few.

Butt hinges

The butt hinges are the most common type of hinges found used in the house to pivot 2 wooden parts. The hinge is made of two leaves which match, one recessed into the jamb and the other into the door. When the door is shut, they get into contact. The traditional ones had a shaft which held them through the centre of the spine but the modern ones make use of a ball bearing. Brass is used on exterior doors to prevent corrosion. It can be finished in chrome, brass or stainless steel.

Butterfly hinges

These are also known as the dovetail hinges.  They were usually used for cabinets and desks.  They are very decorative and are butterfly shaped, hence their name. Their size and form vary between manufacturers. They can be used for heavy doors and even on tiny doors because of the size range. They are quite cheap and readily available. They can also be made from stainless steel and matt steel.

Nursing homes will usually use steel hinges. The reason why is beyond anyone’s understanding.

If you use a pocket door, you’ll want to get pocket door edge pulls in order to pull the door shut once it’s completely opened.

Basically, when it comes to door hardware, the choices are plenty. Just make sure you find a source you trust and all will be well.

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