Protecting Yourself from Outside Noise

Soundproofing your home will become a necessity because of one of two reasons. You’ll find yourself preparing to block sound from within your home from spreading, or you’ll find yourself trying to keep sound from the outside from getting in. We’ve found that people tend to view exterior noise in a darker light than interior noise, mainly because they have so little control over it. Sounds created by our neighbors, by airplanes, or by passing traffic do not usually have easily identifiable sources.

Fortunately, you’ll find there are several things you can do from a sound proofing perspective if you need to block outside sound. Some are a little more complex than the rest, but here are four that will get you started.

4. Survey Your Windows

What type of window do you have in your home? Regardless of the answer to that question, don’t run right out to buy a bunch of “soundproof” windows. Start by checking the seals around each window and, if you see cracks or gaps, sealing them with acoustical caulk. If that doesn’t solve your problem, consider adding a second pane of glass over the first, creating an airtight gap of about 1-2 inches.

3. Add Better Landscaping

Landscaping can, in reality, really help you to soundproof your home from the outside. Try to stay away from building concrete walls or edging your garden with a stack of bricks – they don’t really absorb sound. Instead, try planting a layer of dense plants and bushes around your house. When they grow in they’ll block some of the noise coming from the streets.

2. Check Your Doors

What type of door do you have on your house? One of the first things you should do is consider replacing the front door with something heavy and solid. Most interior doors are hollow and most exterior doors are made out of a middle-weight wood. The heavier and denser your door, the more effective it will be at blocking sound.

1. Work on the Exterior Walls

If all else fails, you’ll want to consider applying some soundproofing techniques to your walls from the inside. You only need to work on the walls that face the outside of your home and, if you really find yourself in a bind, you only need to work on the rooms that are most affected – like your bedroom. Start by applying some Green Glue to the existing wall, screw a second layer of drywall right over the top, and refinish the wall.

Everyone deserves to live life with a bit of peace and quiet. Soundproof your home to protect it from the outside world and you’ll be one step closer to that goal.

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