Introducing Sonex Acoustical Panels

There are several different types of soundproofing projects and if you’ve ever tried to soundproof a music studio you know it’s quite a bit more work than soundproofing a normal home or bedroom environment. The soundproofing work you have to do for an acoustical studio must be exact, with the absolute highest STC rating possible achieved in the end. Otherwise, the integrity of your work could be destroyed. If this is the type of situation you find yourself in, you may want to consider using Sonex Acoustical Panels when you soundproof your new studio.

Why are Sonex Acoustical Panels Special?

Sonex Acoustical Panels are made out of a very specific material. The poly foam is manufactured specifically to feature an etched pattern with positive and negative markings. If you are hanging panels next to each other on a wall, for example, you’ll need to match the pattern as you do your work. The material used to create the panels is very absorbent and offers more than 300% more soundproofing than some of the traditional soundproofing materials used in amateur sound studios – like cork board or ceiling tiles.

Sonex Acoustical Panels come in two distinct sizes. The junior panels measure 24″x24″x2″ and the classic panels measure 24″x48″x2″. These panels have been given a Class A fire rating, so they are safe to use in buildings subject to special fire codes.

Installing Your Panels

The installation of a Sonex Acoustical Panel is very easy but doing it properly is essential to the success of your overall project. If the panels are installed properly, they’ll keep sound from reverberating and, as such, will prevent any sound from interfering with your recording work.

The following video demonstrates just how easy it is to install Sonex panels. Using acoustical caulk or a light adhesive, the same soundproofing materials you’ve used in other projects, you’ll be able to quickly and easily attach the panels to just about any surface you need to work with.

Have a really formal soundproofing project coming up? Consider adding Sonex Acoustical Panels to your arsenal of materials. You’ll be pleased with the level of effectiveness you achieve!

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