Incredible Acoustical Sealants: Silenseal

Green Glue damping compound is, by far, the best product available on the market when it comes to completing a soundproofing project of any size. The truth, though, is that whether your project is small or large you will essentially need to use some sort of acoustical caulk to complete the job. When it comes time to buy that caulk, you’ll want to lean towards Silenseal Acoustical Sealant. Here’s why:

For many small projects you won’t even need to use Green Glue or any other major soundproofing technique. Some projects, like cracks around window frames, can be easily solved with a simple acoustical caulk. Fill the holes or seams with the caulk and your sound issues are instantly eliminated.

Using Green Glue, on the other hand, requires the use of additional drywall. Once that new drywall is installed you’ll have seams that need to be sealed. Again, Silenseal Acoustical Sealant is the answer.

So what exactly is Silenseal?

Silenseal is an incredibly effective acoustical caulk used in many soundproofing projects. Using Silenseal will ensure your project earns the highest STC rating possible, eradicating as much sound as possible in the process. This particular acoustical caulk has been used by soundproofing contractors around the world, in both small and large projects.

One of the benefits of Silenseal is its ease of use. You can easily slide a tube of Silenseal into a standard sized caulking gun and apply it to a wide variety of surfaces – including concrete, wood, gypsum board, and even metal. It glides on easily and if you make a mistake you can easily clean it up with a simple soap and water solution.

Is Silenseal expensive to use?

Silenseal Acoustical Sealant is incredibly cost effective. For a mere $35 you can purchase a case of 4 tubes and, depending on where you purchase it, you can get a case of 12 tubes for anywhere from $75 – $100.

The amount of use you get from each tube will depend on your project. You can apply the caulk in a 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, or 1/2 inch bead. You’ll end up getting anywhere from 22 to 89 linear feet of sealant out of the tube depending on the size of the bead you use.

Silenseal has some other great benefits as well. It’s VOC compliant, doesn’t stain surafces, and is considered non-flammable. It’s adhesive and cohesive at the same time, giving it incredible strength.

Silenseal should be your #1 choice when it comes to purchasing an acoustical caulk. There’s something nothing better on the market and, when partnered with Green Glue, you’re guaranteed the best soundproofing project possible.

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