How to Soundproof a Home Theater

Everyone knows that building a home theater takes time, dedication, and a little bit of money. There’s no point to throwing a television and couch into a spare room and calling it a theater. That’s not the effect you’re after. You need the perfect movie going atmosphere with comfortable floors, a big screen, and complete silence. You need to soundproof your home theater room.

The benefits of soundproofing your home theater may not be immediately apparent. If you live in a condo or apartment building you’ll want to do so in order to avoid disturbing your  neighbors but its just as important if you live in your own home. You’ll want to make sure you’re able to enjoy your movies with a sense of peace and quiet, without disturbances from the outside (kids, lawnmowers, games, etc) and without disturbing those who don’t want to hear your movie.

Before you get started let’s dispell a couple of myths. You can’t soundproof a home theater using alternative materials like old mattresses or egg crates. They don’t work and, despite what you may have been told, they don’t cost less than regular soundproofing materials. As a matter of fact, people who try to use fake alternatives usually end up spending a lot more than those who use the right stuff the first time around because they end up having to redo the job the right way a second time, spending more money.

So, in reality, creating a home theater is easy. Add a layer of Green Glue to your walls and ceiling, install a second layer of drywall right over the top, seal the seams with acoustical caulk, and refinish the walls with the paint, paper, or paneling of your choice. Replace the hollow interior door with something sold and make sure your windows are sealed properly.

Bam! You have a completely soundproof room. Move in your comfy theater furniture and electronic equipment and you’ll be ready to enjoy movie after movie in a private environment. Have fun!

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