Green Glue Damping Compound

As you begin to do your research on the various types of soundproofing materials available you’re going to find that there really are quite a few to choose from. One that is going to jump out most prominently, though, is the Green Glue damping compound made by the Green Glue company. It is perhaps one of the most popular soundproofing materials in existence – and for good reason.

Green Glue, as mentioned, is what is known as a damping compound. It is a waterborne, visoelastic liquid that can be used on almost any type of surface. You apply it over your existing walls or ceilings as they are – without sanding or scraping first, and then install a second layer of drywall right over top. It’s really that simple to soundproof a room.

One of the reasons soundproofers love Green Glue so much is because it is not only functional but is inexpensive to purchase. The material comes in cases of 12 tubes, selling for $165 per case. Break that down and you’ll find you’re averaging around $14 per tube. You don’t need to purchase a ton of other materials, like trowels or buckets, to use with it. All you need is a standard sized caulking gun and you’ll be ready to go.

Green Glue has undergone extensive testing. It’s safe to use and has earned the high STC rating of 56. This means that very little sound, if any at all, passes through surfaces that have been treated with this material. It’s high rating makes it the perfect candidate for use in offices, hotels, conference rooms, and music studios, amongst other places.

Green Glue is easy easy to use not just because you can squirt it right onto your wall in a haphazard manner but because you have to do very little measuring before or cleanup afterward. You don’t have to measure the area and cut out a messy material to put over your wall; it takes very little time to apply; and all you have to do is clean up your materials and extra drywall when your’re finished.

Green Glue is one of the best materials on the market when it comes to soundproofing. You may be tempted to try an alternative product but we’re pretty sure you’ll find them a) comparable in price and b) not as effective. Do your soundproofing project right the first time by using Green Glue and you’ll be pleased with the results you achieve!

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