Will Paceville Bars Close Early?

The city of Paceville enjoys a priveledge not many other cities have – the opportunity to keep their bars open until the wee hours of the morning. That is, until 4am.

Bar and club owners are required by law, and by permit, to stop playing music by 4am – a requirement you might think easy to abide by considering so many other places aren’t even open that long.

Sadly, though, neighbors have started to complain. The bars and clubs lack proper soundproofing, are disruptive to the surrounding neighborhoods, and play music well past 4am. Some argue they should have to shut down as early as 11pm.

The tourism board will convene on the issue early this new year and while the bars may not be forced to shut down at 11pm, they may not have the same priveledges they once had.

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