Can Add-On’s Improve Health By Blocking Noise?

In a press release published on, noise pollution was explored as being a health risk. Excess noise in our homes and places of business can cause a myriad of health complications, ranging from sleep disorders to heart disease. To make matters worse, noise levels at night significantly increased the risk of heart attacks due to the stress it puts on the body.

Scientists have been raving about the importance of sleep for years and years. Your body does quite a bit of healing during your restful times, and if your body can’t get enough rest, you eventually become rundown.

A new product known simply as Soundproof Windows has been created. They don’t replace your windows, but they are added to the inside and blend in with the existing layout. These windows have been shown to reduce noise anywhere from 90% – 98% – a significant improvement.

Of course, having special windows built to your home’s specifications may not be in the budget. If that’s the case, start with simple solutions to block outside noise – check your window and door seals and make sure there are no obvious leaks. If all else fails, seek alternative soundproofing solutions  – like window coverings. Your health depends on it!

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