Hospital Noise: Can It Be Helped

You’ve either been, or know someone who has been, in the hospital. Maybe you’ve been the patient. Perhaps you were just visiting. Either way, you know the hospital is anything but¬†quiet.

This video clip was taken by a guy in a hospital. It’s only 24 seconds long, but there are at least two identifiable sounds happening at the same time – repetitious, obnoxious sounds.

This isn’t the same as the noise you’d hear from room to room, though I’m sure it’s not too tough to hear some of those same noises coming from other rooms. So while hospitals could theoretically soundproof to help reduce some of the echoing, we have to wonder one thing. Is it really safe to do so?

In other words, would it be safe to create a situation in which it is harder for a nurse, aide, or doctor to hear that a patient is in need? Or should hospitals have more advanced call-systems that patients can use for help?

What do you think?

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