Another Patient Nusiance

Utility carts used in hospitals and nursing homes can grate on the ears (and nerves) of patients.

Rubbermaid is a household word in the United States. The commercial division began thirty five (35) years ago and now serves businesses around the World. Rubbermaid products are found in hospitals, schools, homes,the food service industry, hotels and government buildings. Rubbermaid products are built tough and are strong enough to last for years, even decades. Two (2) of the Rubbermaid products made today and available are utility carts.

One of the benefits of these carts are that the casters are very smooth and quiet. This is very important for hospital and nursing home settings where the peace of the patients are of utmost importance. Instead of investing your money into soundproofing invest it in a quality Rubbermaid utility cart instead of a noisy hand truck.

These RUBBERMAID UTILITY CARTS are perfect for use as an AV or Audio Visual cart as well and will allow you to move diverse products over many different kinds of surfaces. The casters are flexible, sturdy and easy to maneuver. The plastic type surfaces are excellent for florists, caterers, hospitals, school cafeterias, restaurants and many more. Rubbermaid is a company known for the reliability and strong construction of their products. Ordering a Rubbermaid Utility Cart is a great choice.

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