Introducing the 2010 Jeep Compass

For 2010, Jeep introduced an incredible new vehicle, the Compass. When SUV’s first became popular, Jeep had no problem carving itself a niche in the market. They at that time sold nothing other than off-road vehicles.

Over time, however, that changed. Vehicle manufacturers looking to compete all began creating their own version of the SUV and before they knew it, Jeep had some serious competition.

While Jeeps are still incredibly popular, the new Compass is Jeep’s way of letting the public know they still have a handle on their wants and needs. They want Jeep lovers to know that they have luxury vehicles available at the same time – without having to go to another brand. The Compass is classy and houses some top-of-the-line features (including, of course, interior soundproofing). Jeep is certainly ready to compete!

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