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Mandatory Background Checks in Nursing Homes?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

A recent article on chronicled the life of a bill filed by the state senate, mandating that all nursing home employees should be subject to criminal background checks. Current state law requires nurses to undergo checks, but says nothing about administrative employees, maintenance, or those who prepare food.

Even though these employees do not necessarily have direct contact with patients, they are still in their vicinity and have indirect contact with them on a daily basis. Those living in nursing homes are often incapacitated on some level and, as such, can’t work to protect themselves – against anyone.

We’re not sure if this is as important as – say – grabbing some Green Glue tubes to take care of the sound problems that constantly plague residents but we do recognize the safety concerns at hear. What we really wished we had seen was some statistical data on the amount of nursing home abuse and neglect cause by those in non-direct-care positions.