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The Battery Powered Liftkar- Great for Nursing Home Deliveries

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Most nursing homes today have commercial style elevators to enable smooth and effortless deliveries of all food items and other medical equipment to any specific floor of the home. However some of the older nursing homes especially those located in older neighborhoods lack these kind of wide elevators. This poses a difficulty in delivering food and other items to the home as well as getting it from one floor to another.

So what is the solution?

Very simple! An electric or battery powered stair climbing hand truck, these trucks weigh only about 50 lbs. with the battery and can haul up to 300 pounds. They can actually climb about 40 steps per minute and can climb a total of 300 steps per charge. They are not terribly expensive either just a little over $3000. They are manufactured by a company called Liftkar and are distributed in the US exclusively by Wesco And Magline. Wesco has the exclusive rights to the heavier duty model while Magliner has the rights to the light duty truck.

Ambulance Noise

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Anyone having an ambulance or Police car drive by their home can relate to the high pitch very irritating sound. Although it is a necessary sound you still would not like to hear it on a constant bases. What about the nurses inside the Ambulance how to they cope with that noise? You may be surprised to learn that the insides of these vans are not that loud. Soundproofing cars and vans are done in many different ways. One of them involves installing Mass Loaded Vinyl type of sound barrier material glued to the metal exterior of the automobile (it is obviously glued on the inside).