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Fletcher Allen Health Care Nurse Steals Narcotics

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The Fletcher Allen Health Care center is one of the largest hospitals in Vermont.

One day, during a normal shift, a nurse noticed that narcotics has been dispensed from the automatic machine, supposedly on behalf of a maternity ward patient. The patient, of course, had never had the medication.

Investigations led to the discovery that Traci Hull, an RN, had been stealing narcotics. The drugs she took included oxycodone, hydromorphine, and morphine. She has been charged with felony level prescription drug fraud, but has pled not guilty.

Rules, regulations, and hospital procedures around the country have made drug theft less appealing than ever for hospital employees – but it does still happen. Unfortunately, in this case, it’s now easier to identify.

$114M Verdict in Nursing Home Abuse Case

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The other day we read a great article on the Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog. About 7 years ago, a 76 year old woman livingin a nursing home in Florida died. Two weeks after movign into the IHS facility in Auburndale, Florida, Juanita Jackson suffered a fall, breaking her arm and causing severe head injuries.

Juanita Jackson remained in the facility for only a few months. By May, she had several bedsores and showed signs of malnurishment. Her family removed her from the home but she died early in July.

The family alledges that Ms. Jackson had always been at risk of falling and that the nursing home did not take proper precautions. They contend that Juanita Jackson would not have died had she not fallen and suffered from the subsequent health issues associated with that fall.

Nursing home negligence is a huge deal, and fall risks are not uncommon. Whether or not the nursing home was at fault is no longer a question, as the $114 million judgement clearly showcases.

School Cafeteria Soundproofing?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The Lowell and Hosmer Schools have a proposed plan to soundproof the school cafeterias, at a cost of about $33,000. Several people have stepped forward to voice concerns, stating that children should be playing outside and that there is no reason to soundproof a cafeteria.

Yes, kids should play outside, but what about when they can’t? What about the sounds they’re making while nearby classes are still in session? What about rainy days? What do you think? Is it necessary or not?

Great News for Citizens in the LAX Area

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Just last week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors decided to approve a $1.4 million project in order to soundproof a series of homes and appartments near LAX. The proeject will include up to 70 residences that are located in the Lennox and Athens sections of the city. The homes will receive new window panels, heavy doors, and other great soundproofing materials designed to keep the noise of passing jetliners down to a dull roar.

The FAA is funding the project along with the Los Angeles World Airports group and a block grant. Win for the residents of the LAX area!