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Silence in the City

Friday, May 21st, 2010

It seems like everywhere we go we’re faced with construction. We either run into some sort of road work or some sort of building project. After talking to a few construction gurus we learned one thing – people are willing to pay for silence.

They pay over $1,000 for a washing machine tagged as “super-silent.”

They’ll pay thousands of dollars extra for an apartment with extra soundproofing. In New York City, soundproofing is one of the most sought after commoddities in any condo or apartment.

Whether they use Green Glue or some other material – the truth remains the same. People are willing to live in quiet places – even as the world gets louder.

Drywall – A Budget Soundproofing Option

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Even though soundproofing materials like Green Glue and mass loaded vinyl are relatively inexpensive, we do understand how the economy is impacting most households. If you don’t have the cash to get the job done, you simply don’t have the cash.

A budget option for soundproofing your home is to use drywall. The following video briefly explains how soundproofing with drywall may help. It’s not the best solution, but it’ll certainly make a difference.

Roosevelt Elementary School to Receive Soundproofing

Friday, May 14th, 2010

The Roosevelt Elementary School in the Park Ridge neighborhood recently received great news. They’ve received about $4.5 million in federal funding to be used towards soundproofing and other renovations. They’ll receive new windows, a new boiler, and central air conditioning.

The school is taking great safety precautions, too. All workers on the project must be fingerprinted and undergo criminal background checks before they’ll be allowed on school grounds. Soundproofing won’t take the place of safety – that’s something we can respect.

Soundproofing a Bird Cage

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

We know what you’re thinking. If you want to soundproof your birdcage, why do you have pets to begin with?

Here’s the reality. Birds are great pets, but you won’t think so at 5am when they start sqwaking at the crack of dawn.

So what can you do to remedy that problem? Simply get some Sonex Acoustical Panels and create a frame you can place around the bird cage at night. Make sure it has plenty of ventilation, of course.

Sound coming from inside the cage will be absorbed by the panels. All you have to do is remove them when you wake up in the morning, and your family of winged friends will be happy to see you!

Good vs. Bad Materials: Windows

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The truth of the matter is this – your windows can be a very significant cause of noise and sound trouble.

On the other hand, replacing your windows is often not the best solution.

In most cases you merely need to check the windows to make sure they are installed properly. Is the seal aroudn the outside edge complete? If not, caulk it.

Sometimes you have to do some extra work, like adding a second layer of glass, forming a 1-inch airtight gap between the two layers. This works particularly well with older windows.

You can certainly replace your windows if you’d like, but if soundproofing is your only concern, you really don’t need to.

Good vs. Bad Materials: Sheetrock

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

We’re going to continue our exploration of different soundproofing materials by taking a close look at sheetrock – specifically lead lined sheetrock.

The cool thing about sheetrock lined with lead is that it is really great at blocking or reducing sound. While we don’t think it is quite as effective as Green Glue, we do think it gives the product a run for its money.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), lead lined sheetrock can cost up to $250 per sheet. It’s definitely not affordable. Therefore, we likely won’t ever use it and we certainly don’t recommend it.