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Are NY Bars in Trouble?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

There is a string of bars on Third Avenue that seem to be in trouble. Residents are complaining that the very popular watering holes are incredibly noisy – so noisy they can’t sleep at night – and they’ve filed complaints with the town.

The two main bars in question are Shenanigan’s and RJ’s Lounge and Trace. Shenanigan’s, however, is off the hook because it made upgrades and added some significant soundproofing.

There are 8 families living on the street and since August they have made more than 40 complaints to the township. Many of the complaints were made in the early morning – hours when bars should be preparing to close.

So what’s the future of RJ’s and the rest of the bars on Third Avenue? Only time will tell. Hopefully they’ll get the message and shape up before it’s too late.