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Ambulance Noise

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Anyone having an ambulance or Police car drive by their home can relate to the high pitch very irritating sound. Although it is a necessary sound you still would not like to hear it on a constant bases. What about the nurses inside the Ambulance how to they cope with that noise? You may be surprised to learn that the insides of these vans are not that loud. Soundproofing cars and vans are done in many different ways. One of them involves installing Mass Loaded Vinyl type of sound barrier material glued to the metal exterior of the automobile (it is obviously glued on the inside).

The Problem with Vehicle Soundproofing

Friday, March 26th, 2010

While we’re all for greater cabin soundproofing in vehicles we do recognize the need for safety in all aspects of our lives. In an article we recently read, the Ada Evening News addressed an issue of great concern – drivers with their windows up and radios on not paying attention to emergency personnel.

They don’t hear sirens approaching from behind – they drive too fast around accident scenes – and they’re simply not paying attention. If you see an accident on a major highway you should be slowing down – to somewhere around 10 miles an hour. There are people there, on the streets, trying to help others.

Soundproofing is great for reducing engine noise but don’t be stupid. Pay attention to what’s going on around you while you drive.

Introducing the 2010 Jeep Compass

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

For 2010, Jeep introduced an incredible new vehicle, the Compass. When SUV’s first became popular, Jeep had no problem carving itself a niche in the market. They at that time sold nothing other than off-road vehicles.

Over time, however, that changed. Vehicle manufacturers looking to compete all began creating their own version of the SUV and before they knew it, Jeep had some serious competition.

While Jeeps are still incredibly popular, the new Compass is Jeep’s way of letting the public know they still have a handle on their wants and needs. They want Jeep lovers to know that they have luxury vehicles available at the same time – without having to go to another brand. The Compass is classy and houses some top-of-the-line features (including, of course, interior soundproofing). Jeep is certainly ready to compete!

The New Suzuki SX4

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Last week we took a close look at the new Citroen vehicle and this week we’ve got something else to unveil. The incredible Suzuki Motor Corp has made signifcant changes to the SX4 vehicle model and if you’reĀ  a fan of the Suzuki this is one vehicle you won’t want to miss.

Both the interior and exterior of the vehicle has been redone, including cushioned armrests, lower dashboard panels, and better cabin soundproofing. Who knew riding in a Suzuki could be so relaxing and luxurious?